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Inclusive. Therapeutic. Inspiring.

These are just some of the words that people have used to describe the art sessions which are held here. Having just had an art display in Harrogate Library for the second year running it isn’t difficult to see that the art sessions have remained popular throughout the four years they have been taking place. The display (entitled ‘A Year’s Progress’) presented a variety of work to the public and received positive feedback. Through sitting in on some of the art sessions myself I have seen first-hand that the atmosphere is a relaxed one, in a room filled with concentration. People always seem pleased with what they have achieved.



During the art sessions a variety of techniques are used; painting, clay moulding, drawing with pastels. This variety helps to keep people interested and means that they have something different to look forward to each week, with the needs of each student being considered. Having said this I still believe that even if the focus each week was on something similar, people would still come along. As a volunteer I like the fact that art is a form of therapy for everyone, and everyone seems eager to return.






Sharon who runs the art sessions said: ‘The classes balance a cocktail of different needs… evaluation of work means students get to share thoughts and praise each other.’ This is a cocktail filled with many different personalities, abilities and needs. When you look at this cocktail more closely you can see just how diverse it is. This is what helps make the art sessions so unique.


When I asked service user Shirley why she likes attending the art sessions she said: ‘I can lose myself in something with no worries and I can chat to others… the sessions are stimulating but relaxing.’ Knowing that many people find the sessions ‘relaxing’ shows just how successful they are, and how they are an encouraging form of therapy that leads to something which each individual can be proud of!

There are lots of ways to get involved in the art class, whether as a member or as a volunteer. You can get in touch either by phone, email or through filling out the online form. We will be able to let you know whether you are eligible for support, so don’t hesitate to contact us. The art sessions with Sharon have now come to a close until September, but there will still be a project taking place over summer which focuses on designing a mural for the Orb Arts Garden.

So what are you waiting for? Orb Community Arts could be just the place for you!

Vibrant results!

Vibrant results!