. . . for positive mental health!

As we said last week, and have said many times before, volunteering is at the heart of Orb.  Without our volunteers we simply couldn’t keep the music tuition, the art, the sound recording, the gigs, the garden, the support for community events, the special events like our contribution to feva going.

Some time ago we began running short courses in Community Learning, including IT and volunteering skills.  Because it worked so well, we applied for funding to extend this.  The result has been our free course – Essential Skills in Volunteering.

Art classes at Orb

Art classes at Orb

What’s that then?

That, basically, is now a much extended free course which covers such things as:

  • Safety and appropriate  behaviour when working with vulnerable  adults
  • Arts based support
  • Understanding equality and diversity
  • Safeguarding
  • Confidentiality
  • Data protection

All this introduction to current theory, combined with a great opportunity to acquire hands-on volunteering experience as you learn.


IT lessons

IT lessons

Why is it important?

Firstly, it’s important to Orb, because we are a respected organisation working with vulnerable adults and it’s vital to us that our volunteers fully understand the issues involved in the work we’re doing.

Secondly, it’s important to our volunteers because so many of the skills covered are transferable skills.  Whether we’re   talented musicians / artists / gardeners, or service users with special insight into what Orb can achieve, the skills we learn on this course will bring us up to date with the legal and professional requirements that can help us move on to other volunteering roles, to further qualifications, or to paid employment.

Or, of course, to  just be even better at what we do at Orb.



Garden Volunteers

Garden Volunteers

What can I do?

  • Join us for  a 20 hour course in our friendly  centre in the heart of Knaresborough.
  • Enrol any time.
  • Access our music studio, IT suite, garden and art-space.
  • Learn volunteering skills in a creative environment.
  • Get hands-on experience volunteering.




What’s new this year?  Supporting people in the workplace!

Thanks to our extra funding (see below)  we are now able to provide helpful training for anyone who is aware of the increasing need to promote mental wellbeing in  the workplace:

  • Techniques for supporting colleagues at work who are struggling with mental health issues.
  • Techniques for handling out own stress levels.
  • Tips for talking to management about mental health issues – including our own!


So how come this course is free?

This question links back to what we were talking about last week.  Because we’re achieving great things at Orb, we’ve gained a grant from the European Social Fund  – ‘Investing in jobs and skills’, co-financed by the Skills Funding Agency.  This is being managed through Your Consortium and the Humber Learning Consortium.

music at orb

music at orb 3

music at orb 2


Music, music, music!


So join us for :

  • an opportunity to learn volunteering skills in a creative environment
  • access to our music studio, a
  • IT suite, garden and art space
  • hands on volunteering experience
  • techniques for creating a positive mental health environment at work
  • enrolment at any time


For more details call Leon on 01423 202028

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