Did you watch the Channel 4 comedy 2012?

One of the more hilarious running jokes was the mad battle between the people responsible for the Olympic ‘Heritage’ and those in charge  of its ‘Sustainability’.  The joke being, of course, that they both, ultimately mean the same thing: how do we keep this good thing going?


Back in July we were delighted to report a £9,000 national award from Ecominds, the mental health charity which promotes the positive mental benefits of working in the natural environment. This grant was a life-saver for Orb’s own garden project .  This has been  a great success.  It’s transformed the patch of rough ground at the back of the Old Garage. It’s given inspiration to everyone involved with it.  And, perhaps even more importantly, it helped provide some of the nosh for the orblive@feva celebration in the summer!






  . . . it’s been a great success!





Mick holds forth!














So that’s all good then.

But keeping a charity project going will always be a matter of hand to mouth existence. After we’ve budgeted for the big things – the ground rent, the gardener, the structural changes – somebody finally asks, ‘What about the seeds and the plants?  The fertilizer and those vital bits of string for tying up tomatoes?’.

It’s often the little things that give the biggest headaches.

So we were thrilled to hear that we’ve been granted £2,000 award from the Co-operative Community Fund.  This fund is designed to do just what we need – help us to make vital community projects a little more sustainable.  It means that for at least one more year we can keep providing the seeds and tools (and bits of string) that help to promote mental wellbeing.

Of course, this grant is just one piece in the jigsaw – we have to be constantly searching for new ways  to sustain the good things we’re aiming to do at Orb.

But we’re enormously grateful to the Co-operative Community Fund for this much needed boost along the way.

So, next time you pop into the Co-op on Chain Lane – give them an extra smile from us!