There’s been some odd happenings here at Orb HQ recently. Nothing to be worried about. But it seems we’ve had a friendly visitor after we’ve all gone home.

Only last week we arrived one morning to find a set of dusty footprints leading from the basement trap door into our computer suite. And one of the computers was logged into Twitter with a few web pages still open.

And the twitter username? Mr Orb Head.

An old friend

Mr Orb Head

Mr Orb Head

We think Mr Orb Head’s emerged from his winter hibernation, probably reawakened by Denise’s drumming or the sound of music playing in our recording studio. And by the look of his Internet history, he’s been very busy.

He seems interested in all things mental health and enjoys digging around on the web for news on the subject. He’s also been on YouTube looking for video and music with a mental health theme and finding out about mental health events all over the world. Then he shares what he finds with new friends he’s made along the way.

We last saw Mr Orb Head when we moved into our new premises. That’s when he posed for one of the few photos we have of him. After that he disappeared again. He’s a shy and private character but friendship and a creative environment bring out the best in him, like our members.

Say hello

You can follow Mr Orb Head on Twitter where he seems to hang out most. But his tweets will also appear on our Facebook fan page.

In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for more signs left behind by our nightly visitor.

This blog article was written by Chris Kenworthy: copywriter and photographer