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You wouldn’t expect a converted garage to contain a recording studio . . .  but this one does! Described as ‘interesting’ by service user Stuart it is easy to see that the diversity of Orb Arts is what creates this impression. With a range of equipment such as microphones, recording software, a mixing desk, and a MIDI keyboard it is easy to see why this facility is one which appeals to so many.

Waiting for something to happen . . .

Waiting for something to happen . . .

When I was shown around for the first time at Orb Arts I did not expect the premises to hold a recording studio. This relates back to my first article and how this place is like a T.A.R.D.I.S. There is something new round every corner, and even though the studio itself isn’t massive it still serves a purpose which results in many hours of pleasure, where people can sing their hearts out or give audio production a try.
As well as the recording studio Orb Arts also features a DJ Booth and a room which is filled with instruments. Although it is small the DJ Booth still contains vinyl

' . . . interesting!'

‘ . . . interesting!’

decks and CD decks. For anyone interested in any aspect of music this is ideal. In a similar way to the art classes there is something for everyone. I think that these facilities help people to come out of their shell. This can be seen through the fact that some people now perform at FEVA festival or similar events when they would never have had the confidence to do so before.


As Andy who works in the recording studio stated ‘People have always wanted to do things . . . Orb gives them opportunities.’ Orb opens new doors for people, and even if not everyone places themselves in the limelight, they can still express themselves in a creative way. Even if people do not have the confidence to sing in public they can still take something from this. Just having the courage to come into Orb Arts and use the recording studio or other facilities means that they can forget about everything for a while and allow themselves to focus on something positive.

making it work.

making it work.




As a volunteer I have had the privilege of being able to sit in on several of the sessions in the recording studio with a few different people. On one occasion I decided that it would be interesting to just sit and listen, whilst writing down words that came into my head from being in the room. These are some of the words I thought of . . .

                            Opportunity, Diversity, Freedom, Energy, Talent, Positivity, Inspiring!


You may notice that none of these words have negative connotations. Orb Arts has so much to offer, so if you think you may be eligible for support then get in touch.  Music is a form of therapy which could transform your life – maybe now is your time to shine?