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Despite a tough winter of bitterly cold temperatures and frozen pipes our Ecominds garden is sprouting bravely through the frost. Thanks to Orb volunteers and funders we’ve now got:

  • Two raised beds for growing vegetables
  • A line of gabions to grow hanging fruits like strawberries
  • Foundations for a patio at the back for our members to relax
  • Gates and fencing to protect the garden

A few new faces

First there’s Micky and Stuart. Both volunteers and skilled carpenters, they’re building a secure fence to protect our Ecominds garden from intruders. Unfortunately we’ve had a bit of bother from mindless vandalism but hopefully that’ll stop once their handiwork is complete. Micky and Stuart are out of work at the moment, but they’re using their free time to volunteer and keep their skills sharp. Both chippies think our Ecominds garden is a chance to give something back to their community.

You’ll also spot Diane in the photos, another volunteer helping Mick prepare our raised beds ready for planting vegetables in the spring. When she’s not doing a bit of therapeutic digging in the garden she also comes to our free computer classes.

Get involved with the Orb garden project

You don’t even have to be a gardener. We need volunteers to help to create another safe, social and productive environment for our members to be creative and a place our local community can enjoy. You should contact us, leave a comment below or post a message on our Facebook wall to get involved.

This blog article was written by Chris Kenworthy: copywriter and photographer