Our thanks to Diane for writing this review.


It was a real pleasure to visit the Orb Community Centre  to be present at their musical celebration of Halloween.

Our excellent DJ Jim got us in the mood, with suitable Halloween-inspired tracks. This was followed  by a stunning performance by  Mr. Charles HardyCharles is a superb guitarist. He also has a lovely voice with an unusual vocal range. I would love to see him perform a duet with George Ezra! He performed a cover track or two, as well as his own compositions. I find his music hauntingly beautiful.

DSCF0535Next came some more suitable tracks from DJ Jim. This was followed by the singer, guitarist and song writer, Mr. Jamie Bevan. Jamie sang and played his own compositions. Some of his songs were taken from his new CD, which is on sale from November 11th 2015. I find Jamie’s music atmospherically beautiful. Long may he continue to entertain us.


More Halloween themed music was once again provided very ably by DJ Jim. Lastly, this was followed by the group Arcadia Falls. Mr. Andy Fretwell played lead guitar. I am a great fan of Andy’s guitar music, as he is  a great musician and a very able lead guitarist. His friend Mr. Dave Lane, playing bass and singing backing vocals, was superb. Their drummer, Mr. Will Daniels, is an excellent drummer, keeping up a great rhythm as well as getting the joint jumping, so to speak. Lastly, their lovely lady vocalist, Ms. Emma Saynor, is a great singer, possessing a sweet, feminine but powerful voice. As a musical group, Arcadia Falls have a great sound, and in my opinion they deserve to go far.

DSCF0437 (2)If my appraisal of all the artists performing seems glowing , it is because I am being entirely honest in my appraisals of each performance. If there are any talent spotters or musical entrepreneurs out there in the cyberspace, reading this appraisal, please, please make the effort to listen to Charles Hardy, Jamie Bevan, Arcadia Falls and DJ Jim. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed, and hopefully you will be delighted. 

I’d like to thank everyone involved in Orb’s Halloween Celebration for such a lovely time, and a beautiful music experience.

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