Paul the joiner


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” said Confucius, looking at our newly sound-proofed and painted fire doors.

These subtle changes are all part of a big plan to improve and expand Orb HQ in Knaresborough. And friend of Orb Paul has started to make it happen.

Paul’s a qualified joiner between jobs at the moment. Not one to leave his tools idle, he’s helpfully volunteered his skills to the Orb community. Using his experience in site management and maintenance expertise, he’s hanging doors, adding fire strips and installing door closers. That means better access for everyone who comes to use Orb’s art space, recording studio and computer suite. Plus we’re all up to date with our health and safety commitments.

Paul started as a volunteer late last year and soon picked up on what makes Orb so special:

“I got a good feeling about the place … it’s a comfortable place to be. There’s a nice atmosphere, it’s calm.”

And that atmosphere can only get calmer, now we’ve got extra sound proofing in place to control noise from the music studio. Paul’s been getting help from Andy too: planing, fitting hinges and painting doors. That’s all in the spirit of the Orb ethos: sharing knowledge and passing on skills.

Next on the list are a few improvements to the art space. We’ll be getting a fitted sink, extra storage and some shelving for art materials. Not long after are plans for a fully accessible toilet. There’s also talk of a glass front for Orb and converting our unused basement into a whole new space.

Our journey

What used to be a cold shell of a garage is now a warm, friendly, supportive and creative place to be. And with help from people like Paul, volunteers and funders, we’re taking something full of potential and turning it into a productive and much loved part of the community. Like how we help our members who make small steps through our doors each and every day.

This blog article was written by Chris Kenworthy: copywriter and photographer