Mental Health Foundation


World Mental Health Day this year falls on 10th October. This Friday, in fact. This year’s focus from the World Health Organisation is schizophrenia, a term that covers a number of mental illnesses that vary in severity from one to the next. As noted by the Mental Health Foundation, these conditions can be effectively managed through interactions with others, not just medication. This is where Orb’s range of creative activity in a supportive community focused environment links in. Whilst in the past, Orb has been primarily associated with service users that have suffered more severe and enduring mental illnesses, its services are now increasingly available to all those coping with more general mental ill health-health, including short term episodes that may have led to being signed off work, or feelings of low mood, depression and anxiety that might benefit from a mental well-being boost.

Here at Orb, we are intensely aware of the effects that mental illnesses can have on the individual, from making them feel down, reducing confidence; to the other end of the spectrum, where people contend with complex psychological illnesses day to day. Because we are aware of how someone can be affected, we offer our facilities to those who need them; whether that is someone needing a mental health boost through creating artwork or getting involved in music, or increasing a service user’s confidence by including them in the digital age through IT lessons.

To this end, this World Mental Health Day, Orb will be on location in Harrogate Town Centre with a number of other mental health charities in order to raise awareness of how common poor mental health is and highlight the availability of services to help combat it.

So please, if you are feeling low and under the weather or have been diagnosed with a mental illness, please come to our stall outside St. Peter’s Church on Cambridge Road in Harrogate Town Centre between 10am and 1pm this Friday to chat to us, and see what Orb can do for you. We’ll also have a stand at the NHS Mental Health & Learning Disability Information Showcase at Fairfax Community Centre at the end of Fairfax Avenue, just off Knaresborough Road – also on Friday but frrm 11am until 2pm.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more private discussion, feel free to contact our friendly staff, Mark and Leon, on 01423 202028, or email If you’d like to know more about mental health, why not follow our resident tweeter, Mr. Orbhead