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FEVA Festival

On Wednesday 13th August Orb Arts opened up their doors to the public as part of the FEVA Festival, showcasing all that they have to offer as a charity. The annual not-for-profit event is held throughout the whole of Knaresborough, but it gives Orb a fantastic opportunity to allow service users to express themselves, perform and show people around the facilities.


F- Fun

All the fun of the fair!

All the fun of the fair!


The Hook-a-on Duck seemed to be the central focus on approaching the Orb building on the day of the festival Many people had a go, with the format being that the person who caught the most ducks labelled with ‘win’ won a recording session with a professional sound engineer.

All of those who took to the stage appeared to enjoy the experience, and it was good to be there to offer support to anyone with the courage to step into the spotlight. Many talented people of all ages performed, either as singers or as DJs. The room where the art sessions are generally held was cleared so that seats could be placed around the room. The line-up for the event included Sophie and the Trigonomics, DJ Rory Hoy and The Orb Choir.




E- Expression

A tent was set up with art work created by service users from throughout the year hung inside. This is one way that people who come here are able to express themselves. All of these pieces show a development in the work of each person. At the same time they allowed people to see the variety in the style of the work of each individual.

As well as this the garden produce was used to bake cakes which were put on sale. The Orb Garden is popular with service users as it gives them the opportunity to use gardening as a form of therapy, as well as having the pride of contributing to such a wonderful space. Potatoes, apples and poppy seeds which were grown in the garden were all used in the produce being sold.


V- Variety

On the day everything from live singers to cakes were on offer. The garden was open for people to look around, with a tent displaying art work inside it. Piccalilli (a sandwich shop in Knaresborough) sold hot food, with staff offering their support to Orb and giving up their time. It was so good to see a variety of Knaresborough projects working together.


A –After Thoughts

On the day of the FEVA festival many faces made an appearance. It was nice to see a community focused creative arts centre open its doors, showing all the ways in which it helps people. Orb is all about helping individuals to build better mental health and wellbeing, and this came across on the day. I liked how even though the FEVA festival was something new to me as a volunteer, it still felt as though everyone was equal.


When asked ‘Do you think the turn-out’s been quite good today?’ volunteer Jay responded with, ‘it’s been great… there’s lots of people about.’

All of the comments from people who came were positive ones; ‘I’ve really enjoyed my day,’ one lady remarked, ‘…it’s been great to see what Orb is all about.’ Jade, who was running the stall for Piccalilli, said, ‘The weather’s held out, the atmosphere’s nice, there’s loads of energy… and the cake’s really good!’

Chris, who volunteers for Orb, was running the ‘Hook a Duck’ stand. This was really popular, with many people taking a turn. He has decided to ‘hand the baton over to someone else’ next year- so if you’d like to be involved with Orb and fancy the responsibility, and fun, of Duck Hooking – or anything else – then let us know!

You can find the radio show which has been put together with performances and interviews from the FEVA festival online by following the link below: I’ve had a listen; I’m sure you’d love to have one too!