The new Mayor of Harrogate, Bill Hoult, has chosen Orb Community Arts to be one of his ‘Mayoral charities’ alongside Age Concern. In the Mayor’s own words:

Head shot of Bill Hoult stood next to a road

Bill Hoult, Mayor of Harrogate

“This charity is an exciting and innovative project that supports creative and educational space for vulnerable individuals and has a mental health ethos stressing self worth, confidence building and skills development.”

It’s a great honour for Orb to be recognised in this way and we’re grateful for the opportunity it gives us to raise our profile and let more people in our community know about the work we do promoting positive mental health. Bill Hoult has supported Orb on many occasions in the past and we look forward to his help and support over the coming year.

This blog article was written by Chris Kenworthy: copywriter and photographer