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Guess who’s just taken delivery of a truck-full of shiny new computer and recording studio equipment? Your favourite creative community support organisation Orb has of course! All of our new gear comes courtesy of a grant from the kind folks over at the Big Lottery Fund who saw it fit to help us extend our creative and learning opportunities.

By kindly giving us financial support, the Big Lottery Fund have opened new doors for our community of members, vulnerable individuals with mental health support needs and volunteers. We’re also confident it’ll appeal to younger vulnerable members of our community when they hear about what’s on offer in our newly kitted out recording studio. So let’s have a look at everyone’s new toys …

Brand spanking new IT equipment

First off, we’ve got a brand new IT network, computers and file server in our computer suite which Claire, our IT manager, tells us will benefit our members:

  • Everyone gets their own secure file storage space which is automatically backed up
  • It’s easy for everyone to access their work using whichever computer they log into
  • By speeding things up there’s no more finger twiddling and waiting around for things to load

These things may seem trivial but they’ll make everyone’s time on the computers at Orb much more productive. These benefits will also help people learning to use computers at our free IT classes. Plus – we’ve now got a speedy new computer our members can use specifically for video editing too, it even glows blue!

Shiny new treats in your recording studio

Secondly, the helpful Big Lottery Fund grant has paid for new top of the range equipment in our recording studio:

  • A gorgeous new Apple Mac with a huge super-bright monitor
  • Industry standard recording software: Cubase, Ableton, Sibelius, Reason and soon Pro Tools

We’ve got more technology so more people will want to come in. It brings us up to date.

Says Josh our studio manager. He thinks the wide variety of industry-standard recording software we’ve now got at Orb means new experiences and more opportunities on offer to young members of our community. We think it’s great that people can pick and choose which skills they want to learn and are not limited to one particular application:

Whoever wants to come in and do whatever they want … they’ll be able to now.

In fact, our recording studio is now so up-to-date Josh is staying behind after work to get more practice on it. That’s the kind of dedication we like at Orb!

Join the party!

We want to see young  members of our community, who might feel isolated or vulnerable, getting creative in our supportive and now high-tech environment. So here’s an invitation to share with friends, family and everyone else: with help from people like Josh and Julian in the recording studio and our other volunteers, we can inspire you, support you and help you grow into the valued, talented member of society you are.

You can contact us for more information, leave us a message on our Facebook page.

This blog article was written by Chris Kenworthy: copywriter and photographer