There was more welcome recognition for the work that Orb does in Knaresborough when Mark was invited to Buckingham palace last month.

Front of Buckingham Palace

The invitation came courtesy of   Attend.

Attend logo

Attend is a national charity which believes that volunteering has a powerful role to play in our health and social care and which works hard to find ways to make that role relevant and impactful. Naturally, having such a central mission in common, Orb is a member of the organisation, and Mark was invited to represent its Yorkshire and Humberside region at a reception  hosted by the Duke of York, patron of Attend.

He and Julian, an Orb volunteer, travelled down to take part in an ‘intimate reception’, designed to recognise the work of people involved in the direct delivery of services to the community.

‘Visiting such an iconic place was a fascinating experience,’ says Mark.

‘The reception was held in a room adjoining that famous balcony –  sadly, no-one asked me to go out and wave to the crowds.  People I speak to are always interested in the ‘inside’ detail – like the fact that the Palace has its own special blend of tea.  And you’d be surprised how many people wanted to know what the loos were like.  Unfortunately, that’s one part of the Palace that I didn’t get to see.’

‘But of course, the real significance of the visit lay in the national recognition given to the work that our great volunteers do here in Knaresborough, helping vulnerable people to become more engaged with the community through developing their creative skills.

If you would like to volunteer with Orb, why not speak to Mark or Leon and find out how you can have fun helping people?

Mark, Julian and fellow representatives at Buckingham Palace.