Tubs of garden waste are in the foreground, behind them two men are digging

Mick and Mark at work

Rain has just interrupted play which means Orb gardener Mick can give us a quick update on how the Ecominds garden project is coming along.

It’s been two weeks since the Mind funded project was launched which ‘helps people with experience of mental distress get involved in local environmental projects that improve mental and physical health.’

Mick, Orb members and volunteers from our local community have levelled the derelict area at the back of our building, making it look much more like a work in progress than a waste ground. The team can be seen scurrying around daily between piles of rubble, pipework, broken glass and various tubs of material which we’ll be recycling. In fact a bit of everything has been unearthed, including the kitchen sink – three of which can be seen stacked together after being discovered.

Here’s a progress update from Mick:

  • Patio/seating area immediately behind the Orb building has been marked out
  • Path has been marked out in pegs along one side of the garden
  • Soil is now being dug over to turn out things like weeds, rubbish and glass
  • Shed due to arrive shortly

As luck would have it, the tell-tale beeping sound of a large truck reversing is now audible outside Orb, signalling the arrival of the new shed, so we can look forward to somewhere to keep the tools outdoors shortly.

There’s still plenty of digging to be done as well as weeding so please contact us or write on our Facebook wall if you want to get involved with a very exciting community project. You don’t even have to be a gardener, just keen, enthusiastic and not afraid of getting a bit muddy.

A small trowel lying on some soil next to weeds

There's lots of weeding to be done

Ecominds logo, with the Mind charity and National lottery logos


This blog article was written by Chris Kenworthy: copywriter and photographer