‘The arts are and should be firmly recognised as being integral to health, health care provision and healthcare environments.’

Dept of Health, 2007

Did you know that Orb Enterprise is now an Approved Provider for North Yorkshire County Council’s Health and Adult Services?

This means that people with personalised budgets can now use them to join us at Orb.

Why is this important?

Well, the link between the arts and mental well-being has long been known (and celebrated at Orb!)

It’s now widely recognised that  people with learning disabilities also gain so much enhancement in their daily living from getting involved in creative arts.

And the good news is that, thanks to our new status as an Approved Provider, we can now offer Orb’s fantastic range of art, music and IT support to more people with learning disabilities.

Just remind yourself of all that  Orb has to offer:

Does music move you?

At the heart of Orb, Studio Space offers a rehearsal room and state of the art recording studio.

This is where where our members can  express the music that lies within them, with the support of our friendly and talented team.

Take Liam, who has a learning disability.

He’s been coming in for a couple of weeks now and learning how to record the songs he loves with help from Josh, our Studio Manager.


Josh at the mixing desk .

‘I really enjoy working with Liam,’  says Josh.  ‘He enjoys it immensely.  He knows all the lyrics to the songs he loves – Westlife are a particular favourite. I’m encouraging him to write his own songs, and he’s keen to learn how to use the software.’

Music touches so many aspects of our learning: imagination, intellect,  senses, emotions.

At Orb we value all of these,  and blend them with practical and technical backup.

We build confidence by working with people’s individual interests and aspirations – and then, using their talents to take part in one of Orb’s many musical events can give such a boost to confidence and social inclusion.

Art Space

Visual arts are also at the centre of Orb’s passionate commitment to creative expression.  With a dedicated Art Space, full range of materials and the sensitive and inspiring support of the Orb team, everyone can explore their inner visions.

Don’t take our word for it – take a look at our gallery!

Pictures in the Orb gallery

From the Orb gallery

And right now, Orb is looking at ways of linking up with other organisations supporting people with learning disabilities.

Talk to Leon about arranging specially targeted art classes with art tutor Sharon Carrick


Whether you want help setting up a blog, using a digital camera or just getting on line, you’ll find helpful and friendly support in the Orbit computer suite.

And don’t forget to take a Springtime look at the garden . . .

Putting the work in at the Orb garden

Putting the work in at the Orb garden.

. . . and see how quickly it’s being transformed.  As Mick, our Orb gardener says: ‘It simply raises your heart!’ –

Working in the natural world (or even just sitting and admiring) works wonders for our general well being in body mind and spirit .

There’s so much in such a small space!

We are delighted here at Orb, that we can now extend our passionate commitment to creativity to support  more people through their personalised budgets.