When Orb was set up nearly 10 years ago, nobody would have imagined that it would reap such positive results.  Mark, its director and founder member, has been speaking with Johanna to let her know why he decided to embark upon this project.

2013 is an important year for Orb, not only because its family increasingly is bigger thanks to the new volunteers and people who support us and come over to use our facilities but also because many organizations are helping us to continue developing Orb’s project, especially with our commitment to art.

This is the case with the Foyle Foundation, which offered to fund the art class for a year. This means that Orb can keep working with vulnerable people as they develop their creative expression and their talent. Thanks to this donation the art group will be able to have another exhibition next year, given that the last one was a huge success.

In the same way, few weeks ago Orb learned that the Liz & Terry Bramall Foundation and Blue Note, one of whose members is a volunteer at Orb, will give provide very welcome donations which will help to continue funding Leon’s role managing the team of volunteers that Orb relies on.


Mark . . . 'proud of starting Orb.'

Mark . . . ‘proud of starting Orb.’


Looking at such positive support, Mark, Orb’s director, is very proud of having started up the Orb project. As he says himself, he would have never imagined how far it would go when the idea of giving support to local adults with mental health issues first bounced into his head.

‘If I had to go back to the start, I would make the same decision because, if you never try, you will never know if will be worth it or not – and in my case it was,’ Mark adds.



Mark is doesn’t regret his decision to leave his work in social services after many years, given that he had an ambition and decided to follow it.

Now he has many plans for Orb, not only for improving the Old Garage building, which has been a dream of his for nearly 4 years. He also wants to develop more projects related to music, sound recording, gardening, creative writing and IT and all these things can come true thanks to everyone who works at Orb and help it to continue growing and growing.