Johanna has been exploring a new Orb venture –  Essential Skills in Volunteering – and talking to another of our international volunteers.

Since Orb was created to promote mental wellbeing amongst vulnerable people, it has always depended on on people with a strong desire to offer some time to give it a hand – and to increase their employability skills at the same time!

That is why Orb is currently running an  Essential Skills in Volunteering Course.

Sonata Grinceviciute, a singer-songwriter from Lithuania, has been with Orb for four months since attending our volunteering course, where she was able to focus on one of her big passions: music.

‘When I heard about Orb, two years ago, I immediately wanted to know more and I’m so glad I did, because Orb has been helping me to gain experience doing what I really like,’ says Sonata.

She particularly remembers the induction part of the course.

‘When Leon showed me round I knew I had to be part of this project.  I can help other people and improve my own interpersonal skills and confidence at the same time.’

Among her duties at Orb Sonata plays different musical instruments and writes and records songs with Josh and his pupils.

Sonata sharing her passion for music

Sonata sharing her passion for music

She’s even helping with the Volunteering Course herself.

‘I show everyone what great facilities Orb has, like its music studio, garden, computer room, etc.  I do it because it feels like my job.  I have a lot of time to be at Orb, so why not spend as much time here as I can?’ Sonata explains.

Sonata recommends everyone who’s looking for work, or has a little time to give, to sign up to the Essential Skills in Volunteering course, because it’s the best way to learn new volunteering skills yourself while helping other people to develop their abilities.

Welcome to Orb!

Welcome to Orb!


Leon, Project Manager at Orb, is keen to point out that there are still places available on the course.

‘Many vulnerable adults are hoping to find work experience or volunteering opportunities these days, but lack the necessary skills, experience – and, of course, confidence.  This course will provide tuition in such essentials as safe working practices, supporting vulnerable individuals, equal opportunities and appropriate conduct in the workplace.  Their learning will be backed up with hands-on, mentor-supported, real volunteering in one or more of Orb’s creative areas – music, art, IT or gardening.’