My name is Jonny, and I’ve been a volunteer at Orb for the last couple of months. Even in that short amount of time I have been able to see the tremendous effects of the charity’s work upon the service users.

The Trigonomics

From the height of summer to the turning of the leaves, Orb has played host to a wide range of events, in which the service users are encouraged to take part in the event, whether that be through playing their music, performing as part of a choir, or presenting their artwork. In doing so, they also show their improved mental health by using their newfound confidence. This confidence is gained by the collaborative, social environment of Orb, which encourages all service users to get involved with activities and start learning and creating.

Over the last few weeks alone, I have seen individuals who were incredibly wary of meeting strangers form new friendships. I’ve seen people who had never considered singing before get involved with a choir, and then get up onstage in front of an audience to belt out some tunes. And of course, I’ve seen people come into Orb who were unhappy leave with the biggest smiles on their face.

The Orb Choir

All of this is available to any service users at Orb, where they will be supported by the team of volunteers and staff to boost their mental health.

If you’ve been following our new Twitter or Instagram accounts, you’ll know that day-to-day, Orb is a veritable hive of activity. Members and volunteers are always working on some exciting new project either just for personal satisfaction, or for presentation at Orb’s next big event. It is this buzz of work, and the resultant improvements to people’s lives, which makes Orb so special.